ABOUT US: we've been working and living in Jordan since the mid 1990s and we made Jordan our home for many of those years.
The people are warm and friendly, the weather is wonderful and the countryside breath-taking. Share our experience, and be at home in Jordan, even on holiday .

IssaIssa has a degree in business studies, his father is a professor of Arabic and he's been in the travel business all his working life.
Issa will organise the best deals for hotels, car hire (with free local SIM card), guided tours, rented apartments, flights, taxis and tickets. He will take all the tension from your holiday arrangements, solve all your problems and truly make you feel at home in Jordan.  

To contact Issa phone 00 962 797 583 582; CLICK here for EMAIL -- darawish02 at hotmail dot com  (NB text/sms if no email reply within a day or so) 

*    Ras al Naqb -- stunning views of the blood red sands of Southern Jordan and fascinating links with the Hijaz railway
*     the doctor!!  the dentist!!  or an optician!
seriously, the standards are very high and the costs are much, much less than Europe! again email me for details -- see below
*    Mukawir, where John the Baptist was beheaded, after Salome's 'erotic' dance
*    Wild Jordan cafe, off Rainbow Street, stunning eco-friendly design and food
*    Ain Ghazal -- one of the world's oldest Neolithic settlements, where the oldest human statues were found, NE of Amman
*   Tell us your special places in Jordan!

Our Dead Sea apartments are strategically located among the Sacred Destinations of Jordan, a short drive from Amman airport -- it's the perfect base for exploring Northern Jordan and enjoying the healthiest bathing and sun-bathing on the planet!
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VISIT JORDAN!!    have a look at this great tourist web-site with lots of information and background on Jordan! then come back here and book your holiday apartment! 

HIJAZ RAILWAY NEWS we have ambitious plans for launching a weekly service from Amman to Ma'an and then, on the new branch, to Wadi Rum and Aqaba. Discussions have begun, very slowly     . . .contact us if you can offer support or want information

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Livening up the Dead Sea!

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A rebirth is on its way. The best place on earth to sleep, the safest place to sunbathe, with the most therapeutic waters, is about to begin a transformation into an irresistible late-year location for European visitors.  STOP PRESS 13/1/13 -- World Bank says Red-Dead Canal is realistic, any social and environmental impacts are manageable!  Click here for Jordan Times report, and great photo.

Already, the Dead Sea has the kind of temperatures and sunshine that restore and rejuvenate the most acute sufferer from SAD (winter blues). But now it's one big disadvantage (rather messy, piece-meal development) is being addressed.

The plans, which are already underway, include a corniche, hiking and biking trails, a golf course and a new university.


A luxury cruise to Wadi Rum!

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More and more visitors are doing it. Every couple of weeks we have an email from an independent-minded passenger who's spotted the opportunity to do something different and memorable, even if their luxury liner is in port in Aqaba for less than a day.

With a bit of planning, we can meet them off the ship and take them the 45 minutes to the heart of one of the most special places on the planet. Yes, an overnight stay is the best way to experience Rum, but three or four hours is a lot better than nothing. And the photographs from the desert make them the envy of everyone else on board!


Big growth in new holiday sector

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The holiday rental business in Jordan is beginning to take off, according to one of the country's leading pioneers in the field, JordanHolidayHome.com 

Despite the political tensions in the region, there was a 50% increase in business contacts during the past year and continued growth and development.


The art of Jordan and Jordan's artists

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You can buy original paintings in Jordan for the cost of mass-produced reproductions in Europe. You can also pay thousands for the kind of art that stops you in your tracks, and stuns everyone who sees it hanging on the wall of your home in Paris, Chicago, Melbourne or Amsterdam.

Not only are there seriously talented artists around, but there's a thriving gallery scene in Amman, not afraid to embrace the kind of painting, sculpture and photography that would indeed grace a modern exhibition space in Bond Steet.


Digging deeper for the real Jordan

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Fossilised oysters, the size of tea-plates?   No problem, dozens of them; on the surface, and not so far from the main road. Ancient sharks' teeth, close to the Iraqi border? not so easy; though maybe they're harder to spot on a very hot day when the sand's shimmering, like it was.

It's not just the trophy hunters who recognise what Jordan's geology has bequethed to the nation. In the words of Ammar Khammash, Wadi Rum itself is the magical landscape where rocks created by fire meet rocks created by water.


. . . how to approach Petra

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Petra is, of course, a must-visit site; one that you'll probably never forget. But there's not much point in staying the night and certainly no need to hire a guide.   I'll deal with exceptions to this blunt advice in a minute.

For most visitors the best way to see Petra is to camp in Wadi Rum! An early morning start gets you to Wadi Musa, the Valley of Moses leading into Petra, well ahead of the coach-loads from Amman, so you see it all uncluttered. And if you're lucky you'll have a magical view from Ras al Naqb on the way there.



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