an email to our friends and visitors

Saturday, 01 December 2012 07:51
hello again, 
I'm emailing you because you contacted us in the past about visiting Jordan and a lot has happened since then.
So many people have had such a good time that they want to come back!  And easyJet from Gatwick makes it easy and affordable if you book in advance.
So the first thing we've done is to make it easy to contact us!
We now have the domains   
*  and also 
yes, it's a bit of a marketing gimmic but it's also easy for you to remember!!
The next thing we've done is to re-vamp this web-site:
We've finally opened up a blog there about Jordan, as promised for several years.  Please have a look now and post questions and share your experiences of Jordan, Jordan Holiday Blog.
And to persuade you to come back to Jordan we have a special deal with RSCN, the big environmental organisation, that will let you stay at bargain rates deep inside Wild Jordan!
We can provide high-quality accommodation with simple breakfasts for seven nights for two people for a total price of under 500!
Add in your flights and local car hire and for 1,000 you will have a very special, memorable holiday.  Click here for details!
The second innovation is with Saleh in Wadi Rum.  
Saleh and the family continue to flourish and they've had a very good autumn.
From next year onwards, we are offering themed long-weekends, so you can explore Rum in more depth.  Click here for details
and come back to me to make a booking or get anwers to your questions.
Finally, we are now trying to offer the kind of service across the whole of Jordan that we've developed with Saleh in Wadi Rum -- where you are a guest and sometimes a friend not just a passing visitor.
Our colleague Issa and his lovely family have welcomed many of our tourists into their home, south of Amman, and with us, he's created individual, personally-guided tours of Jordan, often cheaper and always better than the mass product.
We started off helping Saleh as a friend to develop his business in a sympathetic and sustainable way;
and at the same time to advertise our apartments at the Dead Sea and at Tala Bay in Aqaba!
inevitably we've grown and we're now starting to offer the same approach and service throughout Jordan!
(By the way, it looks as if things are finally beginning to happen at the Dead Sea, Zok Resort is coming! next to us!)
So, as we said at the beginning, Re-visit Jordan and have a wonderful time again.  
There is so much still to discover (see the triangles in the right hand column!! on the home page)
warm wishes and thanks for your interest. .  . tudor lomas, on behalf of Saleh, Issa and families