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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 09:34
Special offer for your friends -- three nights for the price of two! (see below) THREE FOR TWO OFFER NOW FINISHED!! (until autumn)
Also take the chance to remember what a great time you had in Jordan. Please contribute to this Jordan Holiday Blog Share your experiences, memories and thoughts
-- we're trying to create the best, most useful holiday blog about Jordan, with practical suggestions, recommendations and fun ideas.  We want to hear from you, even if you've never blogged before -- you can email me and I can post it for you if you want; or just reply to an existing post; or suggest something else you want me to write about!!

So far our recent posts include:

* the Dead Sea's future,

* times and distances,

* luxury cruises to Wadi Rum,

* the wild side of Jordan (very popular)

* your Jordan Trip Advisor, Issa Darawish

* how to visit Petra

* local art and artists

* Jordan's geology

* driving in Jordan


WADI RUM -- did you take any photos?

If you have any photographs that you took of Saleh and family or of Rum itself and they're on a web-site somewhere then please send us the link and we'll post it on Saleh's site. . . and tell you!  Also videos!

WADI RUM -- Facebook

We want everyone who's had a special and memorable time with Saleh and Attiyak and Alia and the children to be able to write about it and share it.  Let us have your thoughts and ideas about the best way forward.

WADI RUM -- Lawrence

We want to run a special Lawrence weekend with a small group of visitors.  Would you be interested?  Do you know anyone who might like to come to Jordan specially for the experience?  What dates would suit you?  Let us know and we'll try to make it happen.


FAMILY AND FRIENDS RATES -- available for bookings made in January and early February 2013

(EXCLUDING the main holiday weekends!)

It's very simple, and it applies to the Dead Sea apartment, to Aqaba and to Wadi Rum;

if you book two nights in any of them, we will offer you a third night's accommodation free!

ALSO CHEAPER WEEKLY RATES -- again for a limited time


AQABA, off-peak -- 600 instead of 650

AQABA, high-season -- 750 instead of 795

DEAD SEA -- 350 instead of 395


The special rates apply if you book in the next couple of weeks for any time in 2013!

just check availablity by following the links below and then email me and I'll reserve it for you.


It's really lovely at the Dead Sea at the moment, though a bit cool in the evening;  I've just finished the pergola on the roof and the views across to the other side are uninterupted and wonderful!


Home in on Jordan!!

click on the links to Wadi Rum, Aqaba and the Dead Sea!!  Discover hidden Jordan!