ABOUT US: we've been working and living in Jordan since the mid 1990s and we made Jordan our home for many of those years.
The people are warm and friendly, the weather is wonderful and the countryside breath-taking. Share our experience, and be at home in Jordan, even on holiday .

IssaIssa has a degree in business studies, his father is a professor of Arabic and he's been in the travel business all his working life.
Issa will organise the best deals for hotels, car hire (with free local SIM card), guided tours, rented apartments, flights, taxis and tickets. He will take all the tension from your holiday arrangements, solve all your problems and truly make you feel at home in Jordan.  

To contact Issa phone 00 962 797 583 582; CLICK here for EMAIL -- darawish02 at hotmail dot com  (NB text/sms if no email reply within a day or so) 

*    Ras al Naqb -- stunning views of the blood red sands of Southern Jordan and fascinating links with the Hijaz railway
*     the doctor!!  the dentist!!  or an optician!
seriously, the standards are very high and the costs are much, much less than Europe! again email me for details -- see below
*    Mukawir, where John the Baptist was beheaded, after Salome's 'erotic' dance
*    Wild Jordan cafe, off Rainbow Street, stunning eco-friendly design and food
*    Ain Ghazal -- one of the world's oldest Neolithic settlements, where the oldest human statues were found, NE of Amman
*   Tell us your special places in Jordan!

Our Dead Sea apartments are strategically located among the Sacred Destinations of Jordan, a short drive from Amman airport -- it's the perfect base for exploring Northern Jordan and enjoying the healthiest bathing and sun-bathing on the planet!
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VISIT JORDAN!!    have a look at this great tourist web-site with lots of information and background on Jordan! then come back here and book your holiday apartment! 

HIJAZ RAILWAY NEWS we have ambitious plans for launching a weekly service from Amman to Ma'an and then, on the new branch, to Wadi Rum and Aqaba. Discussions have begun, very slowly     . . .contact us if you can offer support or want information

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Jordan is the perfect holiday destination, close to Europe but a world away. Aqaba, Jerash, Mount Nebo and the promised land, Wadi Rum, the Hijaz railway, the Baptism site, the Dead Sea, Wadi Dana, serious desert, Amman, Petra. A land of spectacular Roman, bibilical and archeological remains; the cradle of our civilization, home to eco-tourism, full of romantic and evocative place-names and more must-visit locations per square-kilometer than anywhere else in the world. Home in on Jordan!
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Times and distances

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One of the glories of Jordan is that it's not big! And yet there is so much to see and experience. Five hours or so take you from the Golan Heights to the Gulf of Aqaba or from Israel to Iraq.

There's one small plot with four bio-geographical zones (Wadi Dana, see below); you have the lowest point on earth; the northernmost tropical coral; the first place humankind ever settled; and two of the oldest churches in the world! All this in an area just over half the size of Florida.

You can throw snowballs in Amman and an hour later be floating in the winter warmth of the Dead Sea. This post emphasises Jordan's accessibility by listing all the main times and distances. Just ask and we'll add more.

This is a practical post, like the ones about driving and Petra. We're often asked how long it takes from Aqaba to Wadi Rum for example, or Madaba to Asraq (less often!), or the Dead Sea to Petra, via Wadi Araba. From now on we can just refer you to this page!!

By way of introduction, Jordan has three main north-south roads from Amman to Aqaba. The most direct is the Desert Highway, open, a bit soul-less and used by big lorries. From Aqaba the Wadi Araba route travels along the northern extension of the East African Rift Valley and then by the Dead Sea, with a long steep climb up to Amman; it can be a bit bleak and deserted. The loveliest drive is along the ancient Kings Highway but it's slow and windy and by turns spectacular and frustrating.

There are a couple of roads north of Amman to Irbid and the Syrian border; a road from there all the way east to Iraq, and this is joined by roads from Amman, and Aqaba via Ma'an; and from Ma'an you can access Saudi Arabia. And that's about it. There are lots of tiny roads and tracks; they're not on the maps, but that's another story!



AMMAN - AQABA                            around four hours     

AMMAN - WADI RUM                     less than four hours

AMMAN - AMMAN AIRPORT         forty minutes

AMMAN - DEAD SEA                     less than an hour                (60 kms)

AMMAN - IRBID                             more than one hour             (90 kms)

AMMAN - JERASH                         less than one hour              (60 kms)

AMMAN PETRA                              three hours                         (240 kms)

AMMAN TO WADI DANA                around three hours            

AQABA - WADI RUM                      less than an hour                (70 kms)

AQABA - PETRA                            one and a half hours           (140 kms)

DEAD SEA - AQABA                      three and a half hours         (270 kms) 

DEAD SEA - JERASH                    one hour                              (100 kms) 

DEAD SEA - PETRA                      under three hours (back route)

(you take the Wadi Araba road south for an hour and a half; after an abandoned check-point you turn left towards Wadi Feinan, then after five or so kms you turn right towards Namleh; stay on that road and it takes you right up to the plateau, Little Petra and then Petra. Probably the most spectacular road in Jordan; but not for the faint-hearted; not dangerous but challenging!)

DEAD SEA - WADI RUM                four hours                           (360 kms)

(follow the road above to Petra, then take the Kings Highway for half an hour to the stunning Ras al Naqb on the dual-carriage Desert Highway, down the hairpin escarpment to the plains below and follow the signs, turning left to Wadi Rum; the Visitors' Centre is about 20 minutes further.)

MADABA - AQABA                          four hours                             (340 kms)

WADI RUM - PETRA                     under one and a half hours  (130 kms)

My plan is to add some more detail and comments to these journeys over the next few months, so it is worth re-visiting this post from time to time.

Please comment and offer your own opinions about times and nice routes etc.


Finally a note about the Dana Biosphere Reserve; it drops from an altitude of 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) on the Qadisiyah plateau to the low-lying desert area of Wadi Araba.  Dana is the only nature reserve in Jordan that crosses four bio-geographical zones; Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian, and Sudanian penetration




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EASYJET makes a second visit very affordable and now we've teamed up with Jordan's leading environmental organisation, RSCN, to offer wonderful value, luxury accommodation, off-the-beaten track in wild Jordan!
JORDAN'S FERTILE TRIANGLE, the "hilly flanks", above the Dead Sea, where, for the first time ever, human beings separated themselves from other creatures!! Here they ceased hunting and gathering; 9,000 years ago these pre-pottery neolithic settlers cultivated the land and created for themselves the time and space to build up surpluses, to specialise, make art, plan, organise and think.  
This happened here in Jordan, at Ain Ghazzal and Al Beidha.
JORDAN'S GREEN TRIANGLE, the network of oases criss-crossing the desert and desert-margins that supported and protected the bedouins and seasonal-herders.  Azraq in the East is a true historical oasis; Ajloun is set among the scrubby Mediterranean-type forest of the North; and Dana, suspended on the edge of the escarpment that plunges down through three or four climate zones to the valley way below.
JORDAN-VALLEY TRIANGLE, with the DEAD SEA at its heart, stretching from Umm Qais on the border with Syria to Aqaba on the Red Sea and inland, through Mount Nebo and Umm Ar Rassas, containing Mukawir and Bethany beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptised.  Key sites for the Abrahamic religions and the whole region is scattered with hundreds of remains of the early Christians, the Romans, the birth of Islam and the crusader battles.
WE CAN ORGANISE seven-nights for two people, with breakfast, for around 500!
that's 70 per night, total price, for a couple.
You start off with two-nights at the Dead Sea (less than an hour from the airport), then choose to visit any or all of:
the Azraq Oasis, the forests of Ajloun, the Dana biosphere, or Saleh's bedouin camp in Wadi Rum.
Contact Issa (in the left-hand column) for good-value car-hire, with free local SIM card and 24-hour English-language support.
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