Who is Issa? and what can he do for you?

Monday, 14 January 2013 07:58

The simple answer, with a photograph, is in the left-hand column; so more or less whatever you want in Jordan. Beyond that he's a good friend of ours, who's embraced our crazy philosophy that everyone who comes to Jordan should have a fantastic time and become tourism ambassadors for the country. A bit like Saleh in Wadi Rum.

We all like working with visitors who want to get to know the country and its people better. Often they are a bit more adventurous, travelling more independently, with their own ideas and priorities but still wanting good value for money. That's what Issa offers; a personal, individual service with advice and support; car hire, guided tours, reservations, hotels, cultural explanations, across the whole of Jordan!

What follows are comments and feedback sent to us spontaneously. Anyone staying in our Dead Sea apartment meets Issa; he takes them to the apartment, settles them in, answers all their questions and solves their problems.

We advise everyone wanting to hire a car in Jordan to get in touch with Issa. We can't guarantee you'll get the very cheapest price but he'll certainly give you extremely good value and the best service! You'll have a free local SIM card with the car; and if you don't have a spare mobile, he'll lend you one of those too; GPS is also available.

Even better, you will get free, 24-hour a day English-language support. Imagine you're stopped by the traffic police (see our earlier post) and you have no idea why -- simple, just phone Issa, tell him who and where you are and hand the phone to the man in uniform. All sorted. I've done it; it works.

You want a day trip to Jerusalem from the Dead Sea; phone Issa. You want a guide to the downtown market in Amman; or the impressive Heritge Museum at Yarmouk University; or wild picnic sites overlooking the Dead Sea; or a great value luxury, 5-star hotel for a night or two -- phone Issa.

Below are a few of the comments from recent visitors, some of them have appeared on Holidaylettings.co.uk and some just wrote to me personally to make sure Issa was aware how important he'd been in making their holidays very special.

"Once more, thanks a lot for helping us get in touch with Issa. He is wonderful and he made the workshop a great success too. After the workshop me and my colleague went with Issa to Wadi Rum, Petra and Aqaba. Wonderful places. You’re lucky to be living there"

" . . . Issa does the management and ground support. We used him to drive us all over Jordan - Dead Sea to Petra - Petra to Wadi Rum- then to Aqaba. He was very professional yet kind and friendly. His prices are really competiitive and so much better than you will get through a travel company or hotel. There were no safety issues at all!'

"I am just sorry I did not take pictures of Issa and his really comfortable car."

" . . .we would highly recommend a local driver (Issa) to take you to local tourist attractions - he is professional, reliable and a really nice guy.   We rented a car from Issa and all that worked and for a good price."

"We wanted to explore Northern and Southern Jordan and so we hired a car and driver with Issa - 00 962 797 58 3582. He is very knowledgeable about Jordan and assisted us to plan our stay. Issa was hugely kind, polite and helpful. He went out of his way to show us places of interest and always made sure we were having a wonderful time. Jordan is stunning with so much history and culture. I must admit, we received an excellent service."

PS            Issa in English means Jesus! but that has nothing to do with anything!